Meek Mill Celebrates By Poppin Bottles for Finally Getting Off House Arrest


Meek Mill has had issues with the law for a couple years now that has created some issues for him and his career. When Meek Mill violated his probation by traveling outside of Philadelphia a few months ago, a judge demanded the rapper to be put on house arrest. Since then he hasn’t been able to travel outside of his hometown in Philadelphia. Well it looks like Meek Mill has made some progress with his court issues because he is officially off house arrest.
Meek Mill took to Instagram to express how he feels about being off house arrest when he posted a picture with his friends captioning the photo:

“Ask me how I been…. Let me off that house arrest and I’m just Tryna win!”

Meek Mill didn’t want to waste anymore time, to celebrate getting off of house arrest he flew out to LA to party and perform at Playhouse Nightclub with his girlfriend Nicki Minaj and some of his homies. We see you Meek getting right back to it! As a Meek Mill fan , this is great because he can finally be able to go back to traveling without any limits. Can we expect a tour soon? I hope so! Check out the video below to see Meek Mill’s first performance after getting off house arrest in LA at Playhouse Night Club.



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Booty on demand 


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