Corrupt Cop Framed Over 50 People With Planted Drugs and Guns

WTF News

The amount of distrust that is present amongst people of color and the police is constantly growing, especially with shootings of unarmed black people by police being caught on camera. Now, a clip has surfaced that finds a former police officer speaking on how he framed over 50 people by planting drugs on them. Former officer Andrew Collins went on The Steve Harvey Show and described how he would go about framing and arresting people with phony stories of the alleged perpetrator possessing drugs. One particular case involving a man named Jameel McGee was mentioned, as Collins described planting crack on the man which led to him getting a 10-year prison sentence.

Collins detailed his journey to admitting that he falsified evidence and reports, saying how he went to the federal authorities, to tell the truth. Collins said “I went to the feds and said ‘I want to tell you the truth.’ I want to own up to everything. So we sat down and started picking through these pieces because it wasn’t just Jameel. So by the end of that, over 50-60 cases were overturned and then I pleaded guilty in January of 2009. I was looking at 22 years in prison but only did 18 months by the grace of God. A week after I pled guilty, Jameel was released from prison.”

Jameel McGee only ended up serving four years because his case was overturned.