DJ Whoo Kid Locked up at Work, Busted Over unpaid Child Support


News surfaced early Sunday that NYPD officers took DJ Whoo kid into custody while he was on the job at SiriusXM radio earlier this week. The Monday [August 8] arrest was reportedly made on the premise of an outstanding family court warrant put out after he missed a recent court date.

TMZ reported the story just after midnight Saturday, posting a video of the cuffed G-Unit DJ being escorted to an unmarked police vehicle in the hands of plainclothes detectives. The detaining officers have been identified as deputies of the Nassau County Sheriff. Images of Whoo Kid being carted off are reminiscent of a similar instance that occurred in 2013 when he was nabbed while leaving Manhattan’s G-Unit headquarters for unpaid parking tickets.

The DJ was reportedly released after disproving records that indicated he had fallen two years behind on child support payments, with evidence that convinced the judge that he is in fact up to date.