Christian Mom Rants and Breaks Down & Cries After Hearing Vince Staples Song “Norf Norf”



A white suburban mother heard Vince Staple’s “Norf Norf” on a mainstream radio station and went on a rant about it that’s now viral.

The woman posted the video to YouTube where she bashes the content of the song and cries over the youth being subjected to the music she believes is bad for them. She also says she prefers to listen to Christian music in the video, but that her daughter insisted on hearing the mainstream station one day while driving with her. That’s how she ended up hearing Vince Staples. “This is on our local radio station, this crap is being played,” she said. “I couldn’t believe the words that I was listening to. As a mom, it infuriated me.”

She was so angered by the songs lyrics that she had to make a video talking about it. She even looked up the lyrics to the song and recited them during the video. And unlike the radio edit, she recited all of the curse words including the N-bomb. To see the rest of her rant check out the video above.

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